Weight Management Diet

All ladies in the Pre and Post -Menopausal Stage who are either gaining weight, complaining of joint pains, have indication of osteoporosis, heart disease, etc and are suffering from any of the above

Pregnancy Care Diet

    Pregnancy is the period when the nutritional requirement for a woman is at its peak.The Diet of the mother determines the long term nutritional status of the child and also of the mother post delivery

Kids Care Diet

After you give birth, good nutrition becomes all the more important. It can make a difference in the quality of your breast milk and affect how quickly your body rebounds from childbirth..

POD/PCOS Care Diet

Reviving lost health due to any disease condition is the prime focus of this program.You can opt for this program if you have any health related issues For 


Diet & Heart Health Program

This program focuses on people with heart ailments,high blood pressure, high cho

Diet & Diabetes Management Program

This program focuses on people with Type I AND Type II Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and all related problems. Once a person is diagnosed of diabetes ,

Single Diet Consultation

You may opt for this service if you are looking at One Time Online or Face to Face Consultation for General Health & Nutritional Status Assessment,Dietary Evaluation & Recommendation as per your req

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